We offer an extensive upholstery service that includes antique pieces as well as contemporary furniture. Our knowledge of furniture and how it 'works' both inside and outside will provide you with sound advise based on good knowledge.

We have been in the industry for 40 years over which time we have seen some considerable changes in how furniture is manufactured. What you see on the outside is not all that counts. It is very important to have a good frame and quality fillings and paddings to achieve an overall 'good working', 'good looking' piece of furniture.

If you have an old chair or settee that has class and style but looks a little 'sad', maybe the seat has a dip but you can't bear to part with it or the fabric is threadbare, call us and we can quote to restore your favourite piece to it's former glory.

Loose covers or Fitted Covers as we prefer to call them are an excellent product for our climate and life style. They offer the opportunity to have the decorating choice of two styles and colours and/or patterns of covering for the one piece of furniture.

You can have a darker, heavier fabric upholstered to the furniture and then have a loose cover tailored to fit that would then be in a brighter, lighter fabric which would give you the opportunity to have a change of decor for summer and winter. Doing so will extend the life of both coverings as you are only using each of them for half the year. The English have made this a decorating choice for many years.

Loose Covers also have the advantage of being removable therefore the ability to clean them thoroughly which keeps them looking better longer. There are a large range of fabrics available which have been designed for just this purpose.

Most furniture is suitable for Loose Covers providing it is fully upholstered and has good 'tuck-away' which is what helps to keep the Loose Cover stable and in place. That and the fact that all our Loose Covers are tailored to each individual piece of furniture are what guarantees an excellent fit.

Call us today and we can discuss with you the possibilities available to you if you choose to have your furniture Loose Covered.

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